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Plugin Photoshop Yang Gue Pakek

OnOne Plugin Suite 5

The onOne Plug-In Suite 5 includes 6 award-winning programs to help solve the six most common problems photographers face in Photoshop. But don't just take our word for it American Photo Magazine awarded the Plug-in Suite their Editor's Choice award for Top Image Editing Software and the professional photographers who read Studio Photography voted the Plug-In Suite the best plug-in for Photoshop in their Reader's Choice Awards.

With the Plug-In Suite, you get the most recent versions of the individual award-winning products from onOne including Genuine Fractals for resizing, Mask Pro for removing unwanted backgrounds, PhotoTune for color correction FocalPoint for selective focus and PhotoTools and PhotoFrame for amazing photographic effects.

Join pake HJSPLIT ada 4 part
Update ke 5.0.1 :
How To Put Keygen :
1. buka C:\Program Files\onOne Software\Plug-in Suite 5
2. jalanin License Manager.exe
3. Pilih Phone/Email License
4. Jalanin RedT di folder kergen di ISO loe
5. Copy Paste ke Phoe/Email License
6. Enjoy!

Klo pada bingung nyari ni sopler dimana di Photohop loe, loe buka di File > Automate. klo nyari Mask Pronya dimana, dia ada di Filter > OnOne

Code: :
Gue lupa klo di salah satu software ini pas extrat installan-nya ada virus ngumpet di EULA-nya. Tar pas disuru delete sama AV loe, JANGAN DIDELETE DULU sampe installan kelar. Work on me en tetep bebas dari virus komputer gue..

ToonIt! 2.51

Cool features of ToonIt! Photo.

ToonIt! Photo is an Adobe Photoshop cartoon effects plugin that gives you the ability to turn still images and photographs into unique cartoon creations.

ToonIt! Photo will get your creative juices flowing ‘cause everyone looks better as a cartoon! Here are three great things to know about this Adobe Photoshop cartoon plugin.
Noise Ninja 2.2.0

Noise Ninja is the most effective and productive solution for removing noise and grain from digital photographs and scanned film images. It is a must-have tool for anyone shooting in low-light or fast-action situations -- including news, sports, wedding, and event coverage -- where high ISO photography is required and the resulting noise compromises the image.

Noise Ninja often yields a two-stop improvement in effective image quality, while preserving important image detail. In addition, it can produce cleaner, smoother enlargements from low-ISO images.
Buat Profile Digicamnya bisa didonlot dimari :
Perfectly Clear Plugin

Perfectly Clear Photoshop Plug-in (WIN) instantly gives you one click photo correction perfection. Simply load the Plug-in and your selected photo will be automatic corrected. It works on both 8 bit and 16 bit images within Photoshop (raws are converted using Adobe Camera Raw). All the same corrections and presets available in our stand-alone are also available in our Plug-in.
ganti file pake ini ke directory C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS4\Plug-ins\Athentech
Topaz Adjust HDR

Quickly and easily make your photos stunning by using Topaz Adjust's creative exposure, powerful detail enhancement, and unique color manipulation tools.

"Creative exposure" takes on a whole new meaning with Topaz Adjust. Fly through a variety of dynamic photographic looks and fine-tune them to realize your artistic vision.

* Use the quickest and easiest way to turn a decent photo into a great one, or a great photo into a stunner
* Zip through a variety of different included presets and fine-tune them to get the look you really want
* Apply effects ranging anywhere from mild exposure adjustments to wild and vibrant enhancements

Topaz DeNoise

Remove Noise, Recover Detail

The Topaz DeNoise 4 image noise reduction plug-in uses new IntelliNoise™ technology to optimally remove noise and recover image detail.

Topaz DeNoise puts unrivaled noise reduction quality at your fingertips. Whether you're shooting in low light, fast speeds, or other noisy conditions, DeNoise gives you the peace of mind to know that you'll end up with a clean, clear, and noise-free result.

Other noise reduction methods utilize a range of subtle blurring techniques that often removes detail as well as noise. Topaz DeNoise 4 is the only software of its kind that is able to recover crisp detail while simultaneously removing up to four stops of noise with the utmost quality.
Nik Software

Spoiler for Cekidot:

Toy Camera AnalogColor

Spoiler for Cekidot:


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